Jason Paul and Anan Anwar took a break from shooting the series “Free My Way” in Los Angeles to chill and have some fun on the beach.

IMDB has Free My Way Summary:

Free My Way introduces the public to the fast growing world of freerunning. More than just a sport, freerunning is a philosophy, combining physical skill with psychological strength, all based on the idea of “freedom through movement.” Still a young discipline, the movement is still defining itself. Anan Anwar, a former Thai pop star and current freerunning sensation, is taking an active role in defining the nascent free running culture. He wants to bring together free runners from around the world to help him achieve a life long dream – an epic free running session in a mystery location that won’t be revealed until the end of the series. As Anan travels the globe assembling his dream team, we will meet some of the world’s best free runners and learn about each of their lives, their environment and culture, the challenges they face, and what free running means to them. We will watch them as they practice their art, a dangerous endeavor with the risk of serious injury lurking behind every jump, every flip, and every flying leap. But the risk is worth it to them, because for these athletes, free running is more than a sport – it is a lifestyle. Anan’s journey around the world will help him, and the audience, reveal and identify exactly what it means to be a free runner.
– Written by Abigail Shafran

Cast Includes:
Anan Anwar , Rainer Furthner , Martin Grubinger, Manuel Hofstätter, Sebastian Lanser, Jason Paul, Luci Romberg and Masa Suzuki…

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