Ampisound but together one AMAZING video for one of the most anticipated games of 2015. Dying Light pins in a zombie outbreak, sound familiar? instead of the basic mechanics in most zombie survival games, Dying Light gives you the ability to now preform Parkour and Freerunning. It’s like Mirror’s Edge except with zombies! Wooohooo! So how will you fair in this new world, stealth around with all your new talents or take a more direct approach, maybe you want a little of both, either way the choice is up to you in Dying Light. Goodnight and Good Luck.

And Awesome job to the talented individuals in this awesome production

Hero Runner: Toby Segar
Bald Zombie: Alex Potts
Military Zombie: Phil Doyle
Wild Zombie: Neil Cointet
Makeup: Hannah Kirk
DIT & Production Assist: Charlie Scott

To watch more videos from Ampisound and check out Dying Light check out the links below.


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Dying Light


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