Naked Snow Parkour from the UK

Crazy naked Lewis shows us that even snow wont keep him from a couple of flips!! jejeje. Happy winter from the UK.

got bored so went on trampoline and my clothes kept disappearing as you can see!!

how do the Russians do it!
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its so hard to flip with no clothes on as you can see.

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Cedric Dahl Exposes the Soul of Parkour and Freerunning in “People in Motion”

People_in_Motion_ documentary_about_parkour

Parkour and Freerunning have, without a doubt, become engrained in contemporary social culture. Just the other day, Stewie and Brian from Family Guy were chasing a french traceur in Paris, while J-LO was swaging her god-given assets in a parkour chase down the streets of Acapulco. This is good for all of us. It means that PKFR is being recognized and legitimized by society making it ever more palatable to the neighsayers and those that view it as a sign of the apocalypse. But to those that have made the disciplines a lifestyle, all this saves us is another explanation about what parkour is… and isn’t.

So how do we express the what Parkour and Freerunning mean. We know words and minute long videos on Youtube are not enough. This is why we have people like Cedric Dahl – visual masters who can translate emotion, thoughts and an entire way of life into a tangible visual masterpiece that will move you and answer once and for all what parkour means to those that live the disciplines.

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Teaching Parkour in New York City

Awesome video about Basilio Montilla a parkour instructor in New York City. He not only teaches at CRUNCH Gym but also started an after school program at Williamsburg Collegiate Charter school. He not only teaches technique but the philosophy of PK and emphasizes safety. Support him by clicking like!

Also check out Bullet Run who brings parkour to the stage. Awesome work you guys!!