Taylor Lautner on set in NYC for Parkour and Freerunning Film “Tracers”


Taylor Lautner is doing a lot of his own stunts in his new film – “Tracers”. Hey, OK… So some of us are not big fans of Twilight, but as far as I am concerned anything that promotes parkour and freerunning is good by us! He is a great athlete and if the movie ends up being well put together it could be pretty entertaining. Besides Lautner, the film features Marie Avgeropoulos (hot!) and Adam Rayner and is produced by Marty Bowen – the guys that produced the Twilight series. The director is some unknown guy – which could be good or bad. Stay tuned!

Taylor doing his own parkour stunts here

Someone caught some behind the scenes video here

Parkour in North Korea and on the Great Wall of China: A Vacation of a lifetime!


Young Pioneers Tours is organizing a Parkour Tour to China and North Korea (DPRK). There are 2 options – July 28-August 4 (940 Euros, about $1235) or July 28-August 6 (1090 Euros, about $1432). You’ll get the chance to Parkour on the Great Wall of China and in downtown Pyongyang. Sounds like a sick trip! One caveat – North Korea is an oppressive regime that starves its own people to death and has many concentration camps. Just go there with your eyes open!

For more information go to the Young Pioneer Tours. Lots of awesome China tours!

Parkour Girls Unite! July 27-28 in Reims, France


European Parkour Girls is the sequel of the last summer jam “French Parkour Girls” which took place in Paris.

Fifteen girls from all France were able to gather and exchange about their way of training.

Following this success, we wanted to renew the event this year and to open it to european traceuses in order to create links and to discover their vision of the practice .That’s why the event’s name has evolved to European Parkour Girls.

We expect to see many of you the 27 and 28 july in Reims.You are all welcome whatever your level ! :)

Here you find the registration’s link :


Get writing :)

The French Parkour Girls Team
(Claire, Stella, Charlene, Lucie, Charlotte and Laura)

On Facebook click here!

Thomson Cruises Advertises with some Freerunning and Parkour!

Parkour Takes Over on Thomson Cruises

Parkour Takes Over on Thomson Cruises

We love it when big companies jump on the Parkour and Freerunning bandwagon (just wish they did that a little bit more on our side of the pond). Check out the new promo from Bristish based Thomson Cruises as a team of Freerunners let loose aboard one of their ships. What a playground! And with ports of call like Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, the Canary Islands, Greece, the Red Sea and Scandinavia, you can sign me up anytime! For more information about Thomson Cruises – check their website. Oops posted the wrong video for a while!

Amazing new Ad featuring Parkour from Land Rover

Land Rover just launched this amazing new ad featuring ONLY parkour through nature. The video is titled “roam free” and shows four traceurs move through a forest. At no point do you see the vehicle. Just amazing. I think I recognize Laflare in there but cannot recognize the others.

In this exclusive Land Rover commercial, four parkour (PK) athletes demonstrate amazing feats of balance, fitness and gymnastics, representing the “Above & Beyond” all-terrain, go anywhere capabilities of Land Rover vehicles. Just like these four parkour traceurs, Land Rover’s wheels can’t be stopped by any obstacles.

Ryan Doyle Invades Georgia – the country not the US state!

Our friends at Traceur Effects in Tbilisi Georgia sent us this first video of parkour legend Ryan Doyle visiting their neck of the woods!

PArkour athlet Ryan Doyle visited georgia on 8 April,we met him at airport .He showed masterclass in georgian pk-park.It was very big experience for georgian traceurs.Our team filmed training with Royan,Enjoy an subcribe :http://www.youtube.com/user/TraceursE…